“An interesting and engaging look into the perspective of Asian actors in a dominating Caucasian theatrical world.

I appreciated the humor and stories of each actors experience and how they were linked to Henry Yuk an actor I have no known knowledge of before this documentary.As a theatre goer I enjoyed learning about these actors experiences in getting roles and working their craft. The polished direction, lighting, and sound mix was clear in presentation and even the continuity of color in the actors clothing against the background colors/environments provided a relaxing feel to the conversations occurring. I would have liked to know why Henry in particular was picked as the focus of this documentary. Excellent and whimsical use of the song; Henry The Vlll !”  Cleveland International Film Festival

"Lovely to see the camaraderie of 'husbands & wives" sustained through the ages.  A rare glimpse into the Asian-American acting experience."

Dances With Films